Dato’ Sri Jerry Kwan Aik Khai




2014 – Present
Founder of JRK Holdings Berhad

2009 – 2013
Co-Founder of PBB Group

2004 – 2008
Founder of AKK Roofing

Dato’ Sri Jerry Kwan Aik Khai joined the workforce as a construction site supervisor upon graduating in the year 2000. In 2003, he briefly switched roles as a quantity surveyor before eventually founding AKK Roofing in 2004.

In 2009, Dato’ Sri Jerry and his brother established a builder and principal contractor company. The business was conducted with quality, integrity and fairness at its core, paving the way for a successful company specialising in high-rise developments. Dato’ Sri Jerry served as a shareholder and director of the company, while also running on-site / fieldwork.

In 2014, Dato’ Sri Jerry established JRK Group, his own venture which specialises in property construction and development. Within 3 years, the company became a main contractor and eventually a developer, acquiring 6 land banks in the process – all of which are in the pipeline to be developed into property with unique features and practical design to meet market demands.

Dato’ Sri Jerry’s specialised working experiences in high-rise buildings, design & construction of roof structures, factories, civil works, structural works and property investments gives him the edge needed to lead JRK Group to great successes. As the Managing Director of the group, Dato’ Sri Jerry leads and operates the group by providing guidance. He is also responsible for the group’s businesses and formulation of strategic proposals for long & short-term plans.

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