Berre Lew is JRK Group’s executive director reporting to group managing director. She oversees JRK Group’s nationwide operations, as well as marketing and talent development.

Berre also drives the company’s strategic diversification initiatives in education, hospitality and healthcare.

Prior to JRK Group, Berre lead successful corporate turnarounds, raised investment funds for private equity firms and launched outstanding retail businesses.

Berre’s experience spans close to two decades in corporate restructuring, sales and marketing in the oil & gas, building & industrial materials and private equity industry in Japan and Singapore.

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About JRK Group

JRK Group is an aspiring property developer based in Klang Valley. With a background in construction for piling works, sub-structures, high-rise buildings and infrastructural works, combined with the values & philosophies of a Managing Director with a big dream & driven passion, you can count on JRK Group to be a trustworthy property developer who delivers on its promises.